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Dialogue and participation despite Corona and socialdistance

Arcadis develops innovative package of measures for citizen participation and acceptance communication

With each day that the corona virus spreads, it becomes clearer: For a certain time we will have to rethink our social behaviour and avoid events. What in private life might be replaced by a phone call, at least for a certain period of time, can become a major challenge for the planning of construction and infrastructure projects. Because the classic formats for communication and citizen participation are no longer possible under the current developments. The danger of infection is too great with public information markets, owner dialogues, meetings with authorities, community meetings or lectures.

But Corona need not be a reason to completely stop communication and participation in major construction and infrastructure projects. New formats and approaches can continue to facilitate a transparent, constructive and goal-oriented dialogue.


Arcadis has compiled a catalogue of measures for participation procedures in construction and infrastructure projects for this unusual period. For this purpose, a team of experts from the fields of politics, urban and regional planning, geography, environmental sciences and journalism has re-evaluated the established participation formats for large-scale projects and put together a toolbox of instruments that includes the creative use of certain analogue communication channels, some of them for the first time, as well as the innovative use of digital communication and participation possibilities. For example, interactive online communication can be combined with classic channels such as direct mail and a telephone consultation hour for citizens to receive feedback and advice from citizens and stakeholders and to communicate the project in a comprehensible way.

With this package of measures, project developers can - despite the challenging current situation - ensure that formal and informal participation, in development plan, regional planning or planning approval procedures, continues to be carried out according to plan and on time. With these measures, however, project developers can also show affected and interested people that their questions and advice continue to play an important role in planning.

Since the adapted formats not only have to fit the project, but should also reach the various interest and stakeholder groups, our communication toolbox contains various modules that we compile and implement according to the respective project requirements. We will be happy to explain which measures we recommend for your project in a personal meeting.

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