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A4 Motorway
Zgorzelec, Poland to Korczowa, Poland

Improving the quality of Poland’s road and rail infrastructure has been integral to developing new trade and investment opportunities within the country, as well as facilitating its integration within the European Union.

The A4 motorway is a prime example. This well-travelled spine of Eastern Europe runs from the Polish/German border in Zgorzelec to the Polish/Ukranian border at Korczowa and also makes up a considerable length of Europe’s longest continuous route, the 8,000 km E40. Its importance is only heightened by the forthcoming 2012 European Championships, which Poland will co-host with the Ukraine, as the A4 will be the direct route between the two countries. With this in mind, the Polish government made the A4 a priority upgrade to ensure that travelling across Poland will be safe, direct and comfortable. An ARCADIS-led consortium prepared a comprehensive design for the route’s renovation, assessed the environmental impact of the works and oversaw the considerable logistics of the supply and construction contracts. Comfort and safety issues have been central considerations throughout, and this has driven a series of significant improvements, which include the construction of three new interchanges, the integration of key access roads and service areas, and the installation of drainage systems, sound barriers and retention ponds.

Two-thirds of the project has already been completed, with the remainder scheduled for completion by Spring 2012.

“The design of the A4 section saw intense collaboration between many teams, especially designers and specialists in environmental protection who provided valuable insight into changing regulatory requirements. The final design guaranteed not only safety and comfort for drivers, but also provided a more sustainable solution overall.”

Andrzej Berliński
Lead designer of the A4 section Zgorzelec-Krzyżowa